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WEDGE #1 AFI "Fly in the Ointment" 7" Splatter Vinyl Edition!


$15.00 / Sold Out

We wanted to finish up this past year of celebration with something fun for the fans so we decided to press this last minute version of Fly In The Ointment and release it on it's 21st birthday! This time around we pressed them on beautiful splatter vinyl. 💥💖💚💛💜💙💥

Includes a mini fold out poster lyric sheet exclusive to this edition!

Released March 31st 2016.

Once again we used the ORIGINAL stampers that we used for every copy of FITO since 1995!

We hope you enjoy!

Fuck You Very Much.


Theory of Revolution
Cruise Control
Crop Tub
Open Your Eyes (Circus Tents cover)

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