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CIGAR “Speed Is Relative” LP


$25.00 / Sold Out


Wedge Records has just come up on a small batch of CIGAR “Speed Is Relative” LPs. For those of you that don’t know… this classic punk album was released in 1999 on Theologian Records and produced by FLETCHER DRAGG from PENNYWISE and DARIAN RUNDALL. After two decades of only being available on CD (long out of print) this masterpiece was finally pressed on vinyl for the very first time by Theologian Records and it quickly sold out! We got some of the last remaining copies in our hands and the boys in the band were gracious enough to scribble their signatures on it for you! LIMITED QUANTITY. When they’re gone they’re gone!

1 No More Waiting
2 Mr. Hurtado
3 Two Kevins
4 Wright & Rong
5 Laundry Basket
6 Back To Home
7 The Bind
8 Nick Of Time
9 Long Run
10 Watch It Fall
11 Weight Of The World
12 Show Me
13 Captain
14 Dr. Jones